Affordable Sydney Event Photographer

Sutherland Shire based Event Photographer servicing Sydney Metropolitan Area

Please see below a small selection of beautifully crafted event photography. Or here for a comprehensive gallery ofΒ Event Photography.

Corporate Event Photography Package Details

  • 2 to 3 specialist cameras and 3 lenses used for backup, enhanced detail, framing & creative options
  • All post processing, grading and enhancement are by the photographer (not outsourced or handed off to a junior staffer)
  • All print ready digital files (negatives) supplied, within 2 weeks, usually within a few days
  • Online viewing gallery. NO WATERMARKS on anything, ever, they’re your photos to enjoy ad free
  • Post delivery backup with archival for 5 years
  • AON Photographer’s Public Liability Insurance up to 20mil (venue requirement)

Hello PRO Photo v’s other Event photographers

  • Affordable corporate event photography package prices
  • We shoot efficiently with a very low strike rate. 90% of the shots we take are supplied to you
  • Knowing what to photograph, how it will likely be used. After 20 years of working side by side with marketing and designers as a retoucher you see a lot of good and bad photography, shooting well becomes instinctive
  • Very through, reliable and hard working, always looking for special moments or crafting scenes to photograph
  • Our post production saves you time. It is meticulous down to grouping, ranking and time stamped or descriptive file labelling, not just a bunch of numbered images for you to sort through

BestΒ Sydney event photographyΒ & examples below

  • Never miss the key shots or VIP guest moments
  • All images are bright and vibrant even in low light situations
  • There is detail in the black shadow areas and bright whites
  • Colour accurate, white balanced, no filters
  • Sharp, with loads of detail
  • Beautiful and versatile framing tight on action, faces, emotion and wide for setting the scene and for portrait or landscape responsive design
  • Variety of settings, playful, formal, informal, candid, descriptive or an element of mystery
  • Framed to give a sense of direction