Event Photographer Sydney

Sutherland Shire based reliable, professional Event Photographer servicing Sydney Metropolitan Area


See details below and a selection of beautifully crafted event photography. Additional comprehensive gallery of Event Photography here


Contact Peter with your event details for a tailored Photography quote that will delight with a 3 hour event starting at $450

Event Photography Package Details

  • 2 to 3 specialist cameras and 3 lenses used for backup, enhanced detail, framing & creative options
  • All post processing, grading and enhancement are by the photographer (not outsourced or handed off to a junior staffer)
  • All print ready digital files (negatives) supplied, within 2 weeks, usually within a few days
  • Online viewing gallery. NO WATERMARKS on anything, ever, they’re your photos to enjoy ad free
  • All images backed up and archived for 5 years
  • AON Photographer’s Public Liability Insurance up to 20 million (venue requirement)

Hello PRO Photo versus other event photographers

  • Affordable corporate event photography package prices
  • We know what to photograph and how it will be used. After 20 years of working side by side with marketing and designers as a retoucher we know good and bad photography and shoot well instinctively
  • Very through, reliable and hardworking, we are always looking for special moments or scenes to craft
  • We shoot efficiently with a low strike rate so no dud images to work through
  • Our post production saves you time. With images meticulously grouped, ranked and time stamped/descriptively labelled, you don’t waste time sorting through a frustrating bunch of numbered files

Best Sydney event photography & examples below

  • We never miss the key shots or VIP guest moments
  • All images are bright and vibrant even in low light situations
  • There is detail in the black shadow areas and bright whites
  • Colour accurate, white balanced, no filters
  • Sharp, with loads of detail
  • Beautiful and versatile framing tight on action, faces, emotion and wide for setting the scene and for portrait or landscape responsive design
  • Variety of settings, playful, formal, informal, candid, descriptive or an element of mystery
  • Framed to give a sense of direction

Sydney Event Photography Portfolio

Comprehensive Corporate Event Photography Examples


Notice loads of emotive pictures that are full of colour and detail. All the key moments of guest and high profile executives wrapped up within strong visual story telling