Affordable Headshot Photography

Sutherland Shire based Head-shot Photographer servicing Sydney Metropolitan Area

Please see below a selection of beautifully crafted head-shot photography

Headshots with Hello PRO Photo

  • Make a statement about your personal brand in that first “online” impression
  • We mostly shoot on location using settings, shapes and background ambience to complement the work you do and impression you want to give. It also give us the opportunity to photograph a wide variety of options for use other then headshots like banners or newsletters
  • Very flexible with rescheduling and cancelations
  • Affordable crafted, professional headshots
  • Post delivery backup with archival for 5 years
  • All retouching is by a specialist. You will look like you, never fake, plastic over retouching from budget retouchers or inexperienced offshore operators
  • Discounts for repeat customers
  • Images are supplied within a few days or sooner if requested when time permits
  • Easy digital download


  • Look at profiles of people you admire or just like the look of, what is your first impression? This might help you to choose what to wear and a setting which we can then discuss
  • Think of a setting that works for you. A plain wall is fine if you want a clean image, people will focus on just you and your personal style, a background setting presents a story which creates interest
  • You will be emailed a tip sheet before the day
  • The key to great headshots is you being comfortable, favourite outfits and familiar and relaxed settings go a long way

Hello PRO Photo v’s other Headshot photographers

  • Our approach with all photography is story. With Headshots it’s the same, less about your actual face and features more about you, your story. Your face complimenting your story
  • Most traditional Headshot photographers will shoot in a studio, which is a controlled environment great for consistency and repetition. It’s a more efficient way to work and absolute focus is on your face and expression but you end up having a very similar looking profile to everyone else especially at 50×50 pixels. That may be all you actually need and we can achieve that for you too
  • Were not precious, your time, your photos, all supplied high and low resolution NO WATERMARKS on anything, ever. You pick two and we’ll retouch them
  • We are professional but a great alternative as the go to cheap headshot photographer with results. Besides you’re more likely to come back sooner for an update which in also important. As great as any portrait might be you don’t want to be stuck with the same image for years just because it cost a lot of money