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Hello PRO Photo About Great Photographer & Photo Retoucher Sydney

As Retoucher

Starting out in 1995 as a pioneer Photoshop Retoucher in Sydney, honing and developing skills across commercial, fashion, beauty and editorial retouch with over 20 years as a professional retouch artist who’s seen it all, done it all, flawlessly!

Collaborating with Art Directors on thousands of professional photographers work in commercial and editorial spheres. With a full time career spanning prestigious corporate clients and magazines to managing teams of retouchers, freelancing across Sydney and holding Retouch training days for hundreds of designers.


As Photographer

Being taken under the wing of legendary surf & studio photographer Tony Nolan over 15 years ago was the catalyst for expressing a passion for creativity, art, and form though the lens.

Upon being appointed manager of Photography for a large magazine publisher, EMAP Australia in 2006, the amazing opportunity arose for an aspiring photographer to form the foundation for a unique, polished style built from the best photographic attributes of a broad range of very talented, traditional photographers.


As Hello PRO Photo

Everyone is a photographer now, for a professional photographer it’s great to raise the awareness, love and need for pictures. But with business intent just taking a series of random snaps or stock photos won’t resonate with potential clients. It’s a distinct professional difference with crafted imagery, on brief, story driven, with deliverable outcomes. That’s when you can say Hello PRO Photo.